Lubuntu 24.04 are using x11 or wayland?

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Lubuntu 24.04 use as default x11 or wayland ?
If is x11 is possible change to wayland ? Lubuntu LXQT has support for wayland ?
I see being good if the default is x11 because save much computers with video cards not having support for wayland.
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As we wrote about back on 9 December 2023 ( in the section titled “24.10 and Beyond: Wayland and Qt 6

Our goal is to completely switch Lubuntu to Wayland and Qt 6 by the release of 24.10.

Lubuntu 24.04 LTS as released (no backports available at this time) is an Xorg release.

The first link I provided said

This may mean providing an optional Wayland session for 24.04 LTS, just to “get the ball rolling,” but we are unsure exactly what this looks like yet. It will be optional for 24.04 LTS but default for 24.10.

but thats expected once packaged for oracular (22.10) and made available via backports for noble (24.04), alas we’re not there yet. We’re still working on it (you’ll note in the manifest a number of Wayland packages already present on a 24.04 install though)


Thanks for reply.
24.04 using x11 is good for some notebooks not having an wayland drivers or with slow performance compared with x11 drivers.

In future versions (24.10) will be wayland, but will allow user change to x11 ?

The exact nature of Wayland plans are not totally clear, but with Linux, no matter the defaults, one can choose whatever they want.

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One of the main features of Linux is support for “old” hardware and “old” notebook have enough cpu processing for run Lubuntu current and future versions, but the IGP not has wayland support mainly in IGP Intel and some Radeon.
Geforce 600 series has wayland support only in egl mode. Fedora have removed x11 support and wayland egl mode too.
However wayland support for Nvidia is another serious problem even … years without an solution for make Nvidia Settings control panel supporting totally wayland.
In moment not is simple control fan and gpu clock settings for wayland.
Thus being in moment is better for me continue using X11. Really I not see big speed improvements using wayland.

Thanks very much for Lubuntu team configuring and allowing use x11 =)

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