Lubuntu 23.04 Testing Week starting March 2

Every release cycle, Ubuntu has several testing sessions - two “testing weeks”, and one “beta”. These sessions help us make sure that the new releases of Ubuntu and its flavors (including Lubuntu) are ready for release once the release day arrives. We have a testing week coming up starting March 2.

For those who are interested in contributing to Lubuntu, now is a great time to help us test the upcoming Lubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster release! Whether you’re using the applications in the live environment, testing the installer, or installing the system and using it for a while, any testing is much appreciated.

ISOs of Lubuntu 23.04 are built daily with the latest changes and are available for download here:

Bugs that are found during testing can be reported on Launchpad and the ISO tracker if you have an Ubuntu One account, or you can join the #lubuntu-devel channel on Libera.Chat and let us know if you notice anything go wrong.

For most effective testing, these are the areas that need some extra help:

  • The default screensaver has changed from Flurry to GL Matrix (this was done because Flurry looked glitchy on some systems). However, we have noticed the GL Matrix screensaver crash a few times, and it’s unclear if this is random glitches or an unstable screensaver. We would appreciate if testers could do things that usually trigger the screensaver to activate (locking the screen, putting the system in sleep and then waking it up, etc.) and also leave it running for extended periods of time to see if it crashes. Similar testing with the Flurry screensaver would also be appreciated.
  • The audio stack has switched from Pulseaudio to Pipewire. So far audio works well in our experience, but extra audio-related testing would also be helpful.

Thanks for your time, and for helping make Lubuntu a better operating system!

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