Lubuntu 21.10 welcomes me back

Just finished installing Lubuntu 21.10, and find it works beautifully.

The first thing that I can think of is to come here and say “thank you” to the whole Lubuntu Team, because it has been quite a journey to me so far.

I departed from Lubuntu when it decided to shift from GTK based system to QT based, it’s a long story but to keep it short, I ended up using Kubuntu myself, completely deserted the GTK camp that I’d been a loyal fan for nearly 20 years.

When I saw Lubuntu is currently entirely QT based, I’m still reluctant to switch back, as Kubuntu hasn’t been giving me much trouble since I start using it. Until recently, when I started to install Kubuntu to my Lenovo laptop.

As mentioned before, I have over 20 years experience using Linux, but

  • For Kubuntu 20.04, I had to do installation three times, just to get things right and fix problems here and there, but in the end, my mouse and keyboard, which are attached via an external USB hub, is not working, and my HDMI 2nd screen is not working either, and I am not even able to login from the UI.
  • For Kubuntu 21.10, I can’t even get the installation done. Tried twice and twice the same problem.
  • I know how to install from squash fs directly so I gave that a try with Kubuntu 21.10, but almost all services failed on boot. Moreover, my previous-good Linux is no longer bootable any more (no longer accessible from boot menu) because of this.

So at this time, I don’t have much hope but just to give Lubuntu 21.10 a try. But, but, Lubuntu 21.10 didn’t fail me, the installation is quite smooth and I ended up with a working system, with working keyboard, mouse and 2nd screen, and my previous-good Linux is accessible again.

That’s quite a journey for me, only there recent few days is already so.
Lubuntu 21.10 welcomes me back, and I’m a happy Lubuntu loyalty fan again, :smile: :smile: .

One thing though, to the Lubuntu Team,

The installation paused in “selecting a nearby source and update source.lst” step for five or more minutes.

It really got me worried, but I believe it is the same IPv6 problem I’ve been having with nowadays Linux recently, so I waited. And I’m glad that I did.

I’m really happy now.
Thanks Lubuntu !


Another thing, to the Lubuntu Team,

when adjusting screen-brightness using my laptop Fn- function keys, there is no visual feedback on the screen.
I.e., I have no clue whether I’m at 60% or 20%.

Visual feedback when doing Fn- function keys adjustment, like screen-brightness, volume control, etc, will be helpful, and desired.

Just my 2c


I’m not (yet) officially on the team, but it’s great to read stories like that. Lubuntu really is an excellent product. I was a pretty big LXDE fan, but LXQt really does the job well.


Thanks for the reply.

Two thing impressed me the most of this Lubuntu 21.10 were,

  • The carefully-thought, well-polished Lubuntu Installation UI guide, much better experience with it than/versus the Kubuntu one (straightforward and smooth-ride vs tried for 3 times to get things right) :+1:
  • The nice Gurb boot menu. Just love it :heart:!