Lubuntu 21.04 hirsute How add themes and icons?

In 21.04 the epapirus icons was changed and now sytray icons (network , volume and etc ) are dark being before bright.
How add new icons and themes ? If is possible where is possible download themes ?
Thanks for your reply.

Downloading themes can be done from numerous sites, I’ll provide some

Personally I keep all themes I like and copy them to a shared directory on a local server… then copy the respective sub-directories I’m interested in to boxes I install on (eg. I have GTK2 from GNOME2 days still, GTK3, LXQt etc directories, as well as a favorites directory I usually copy to all systems I use)


Me, I copy them to /usr/share/lxqt/themes/ (I’m writing about themes, same applies with icons though) but that’s my choice. I don’t want them in my $HOME directory as I don’t want them saved (backed up) with my user files (if a new theme was any good, I’ll have copied it manually myself to my network share and I’ll re-add it myself).


This is an alternative in your $HOME directory; which probably makes more sense for most users over what I do.

If you need more, ask. I’ve not added a theme in a long time (except from my shared directory), so I’ve only provided some vague pointers.

The following won’t likely be helpful, but I’ll provide as I don’t have any local themes in my $HOME, thus I used the first to confirm the $HOME directory location (instead of testing it as I prefer to do)


I has copied themes to

and not is displayed to change.
even the folder being added not is displayed in Openbox configuration.

Yeah sorry, my reply was incomplete.

The directories I mentioned are for LXQt.

openbox uses the generic themes directory, eg.


so to be viewable for openbox you’ll want them in that directory.

  • Openbox themes relate to window borders etc.

  • LXQt themes relate to the panel & LXQt itself (LXQt is window manager agnostic so doesn’t do window borders, Lubuntu uses openbox for that).

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