Lubuntu 20.04 made a dead 2016 Toshiba Satellite a into a new computer

Some time ago, the 2016-vintage Toshiba Satellite Windows computer my spouse used for business had its hard disk start to waver. So we backed it up, and got her a newer Windows machine with the extra power she needed. Then the Toshiba’s hard disk completely died. Nearly a year later, I got curious whether this old computer had any life left in it. Clearly the operating system had no upgrade path beyond Windows 10. I decided to risk $100 Cdn to see if the Toshiba Satellite could live on, and bought a new solid state 500 GB hard drive. I replaced the old hard disk, rebooted to the USB drive, and Lubuntu installed flawlessly on the very first try. Though Toshiba does not support Linux, Lubuntu successfully recognized and installed drivers for all the Toshiba’s devices and peripherals, including a three-year-old Epson printer that also doesn’t support Linux with its drivers and software. Now I have a blazingly fast ‘new’ Linux computer, and I can use it to do WordPress development in its native Linux environment. I am really enjoying looking around Lubuntu, and seeing what software there is in the Linux ecosystem. Well done to everyone involved. I will try to become a regular contributor myself.


Thank you @BobDelaney I am glad Lubuntu has proven to be useful for you. Kind words of encouragement are great motivators for all of us that contribute.


You’re welcome. The compliment to you all is not made lightly. Back in the mid-1990s, I was among the first Canadians in the then-new Microsoft Most Valuable Professional program. I qualified for the award for ten straight years, until just after I was elected to the Ontario Legislative Assembly, where I served 15 years. It was wicked fun being an informed ‘techie’ in government. I have a plethora of funny stories of catching bureaucrats trying to pull a fast one with computer techobabble as a cover.
I digress. The Microsoft product I supported most often was Windows, and I got to know nearly every aspect of Windows very, very well. My remarks reflect the impressive technical achievement that Lubuntu is. I found more than my share of verifiable bugs in Windows, and learned how thorough the Microsoft bug verification and bug fix programs were. I look forward to getting to know this Lubuntu flavour of Linux deeply as well. You have a very fine product, and everyone involved deserves to be proud of it.