Lubuntu 20.04 do not start after upgrade

I “went away” some time(months) from my Lubuntu 20.04 distro (working fine) yesterday i “came back” and received an upgrade notice.
I accepted and after some process time I received the “restart needed” message.
In that process, after some time with the lubuntu logo with the “activity dots” the system came to a black screen with just the mouse pointer.
the mouse is active, but I don’t get any answer from the keyboard, if I touch briefly the power button the system proceeds to power off.
(I am able to boot in recovery mode, but don’t know what to do there.)
In another device I searched for support and found this:
execute " { sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo apt install linux-generic; } | pastebinit and let us know the url…"
I got:
Please you support to fix this issue.

Hi, that Pastebin code seems fine to me. The good new would be that your system seems OK.
Maybe you can try push some arrow key during the “lubuntu logo with the activity dots” to see if the system informs you of something.
Also you can try (once the OS is fully booted, and you have that black screen with mouse pointer) Ctrl+Alt+F1 and see if you can launch the DE from there, and have some info in reply.
Just in case, remember that sudo dmesg and sudo journalctl -ex can give you some info too.
Hope someone helps you better. Best luck. Cheers!

Uups, I’m now in another device, when I try to select the “visit topic”
link I get just a blank screen! (the link takes me to:
Ok, when I have new access to the device with the issue I’ll give it a
try to your tips and came back with the results.
Meanwhile I’ll review the web way to access the topic!
(I “went there” because that way I opened this topic.)
Best regards.
Juan Manuel

I’m back with this:
using just “up” arrow i see the steps the system is doing, the last ones are:
(the next two are indented)
Starting Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen. . .
Starting Set console scheme. . .
(I also see the mouse pointer.)
After that the black screen remains.
Ctrl+Alt+F1 does nothing.
Ctrl-Alt-F2 opens a terminal to login! and I’m able to do it.
May I try to start the GUI from there? what command(s) do I must use?
when I use the recovery mode I may login in a GUI, (There I appreciate a lower screen resolution)
is the link for my dmesg and journalctl data.
After your kindly review, please tell my what to do next.
(the alternate issue: “here” with the lower screen resolution i may access this topic! what a heck with this?)

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I’m not familiarized with your setting, maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in.

Ctrl+Alt+FN (with N={1,2,3,4,5,6}) gives you access to six virtual terminals (tty1, tty2, …, tty6) that are always available, in any of them your can login and work as usual.

Maybe Ctrl+Alt+F1 is the one already in use (that would be the reason why it doesn’t seems to do nothing), so, yes, you can try starting the GUI from Ctrl+Alt+F2, maybe with startx or startlxqt, and see what happens.

Also you can try, from that same tty2, to complete a full system upgrade in case anything went wrong previously.

You can try installing another DesktopEnvironment (a tiny one, maybe IceWM or Openbox, which is in fact just a WindowManager) to check if you can start any of those.

I’m under the impression that you can’t login normally in tty1 (the default) using GUI, maybe is it an issue with the display manager? You can try installing another one, maybe sddm (if it’s not the one already in use), or lightdm, reboot and see if anything changes.

La mejor de las suertes, Juan Manuel. :wink:


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