Lubuntu 20.04 bug using nvidia metapackage driver version 450 graphics issue in half of screen

Using Lubuntu 20…04 and Nvidia metapackage driver version 450.
The problem is from half of screen to totally up graphics have lines and some areas areas are rendered out of sync in any software (games, video editor, video playback and etc ) less internet browse and text editor.
Is how if an area is being rendered in 20 FPS and other area 10 FPS and another 5 to 25 FPS.
From half of screen to totally down the graphics are rendered correctly.
The video card is an Geforce GT 640 and work without problem in windows 10.
Other strange detail is Nvidia control panel display that memory transfer rate frequency is 5 GHZ being that default is 2,5 GHZ and windows report exactly 2,5 GHZ.
One bug with driver 450 ?
Here is the correct forum to report bugs to Lubuntu developers ?
Thanks for read my topic.
Have an nice week.

It has been a bit since you posted your question, so I’ll take a quick stab at it.

The Nvidia drivers you speak of are proprietary, so the Lubuntu developers almost certainly have no control over it. Reporting the bug to the Lubuntu devs probably isn’t gonna help. Reporting the bug probably won’t hurt.

Having said that, have you just tried the open source drivers? I’ve had great luck with nouveau drivers - but I’m not a gamer or anything of the sort. If nothing else, you can (potentially) use them until the next version of the proprietary drivers is released.

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