Lubuntu 20.04.4 Released!

For full details, please refer to the Lubuntu blog here .

If you’re already using Lubuntu 20.04, normal upgrades (ie. sudo apt full-upgrade) will have installed this upgrade to your system a week ago, with the newer HWE kernel (if you’re using it) more than two weeks ago, the release referring to the release of the ISO for new installs.

If you’re using the GA kernel stack on 20.04, the changes were minor, as you’ll remain on the 5.4 kernel. If however you’re using the HWE kernel stack, it also marks the move from the 5.11 (21.04) kernel stack to the 5.13 (21.10) kernel stack. Which kernel stack you’re using can be changed, but is was initially set by which media you installed with (20.04 & 20.04.1 media defaulted to the GA stack, 20.04.2 & later media defaults to HWE)

For more details on the kernel stack choices of LTS releases, please see the Ubuntu wiki here or here .

If you’re not sure which stack you’re using, the command uname -r will show your kernel, on Lubuntu 20.04 LTS you’ll see a 5.4 kernel if using the GA stack, and now a 5.13 if using the HWE kernel stack.