Lubuntu 20.04.4 LTS use kernel 5.13?

Lubuntu 20.04.4 LTS use kernel 5.11 or 5.13 ?
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Lubuntu 20.04.4 uses kernel 5.13
However, if you find out that it doesn’t work on your hardware, try the 22.04 beta or daily build.
Lubuntu LTS point releases after the first inherit kernels from interim releases, for instance in 2023 lubuntu 22.04.2 will release using the kernel from 22.10. This schedule is particularly helpful if you have new hardware.
However, if you install Lubuntu 20.04 LTS without any point releases and it works on your hardware, it will automatically use the 5.4 kernel.



In moment for me wait few months before try 22.04 because possible issues and also not will have all softwares available for 22.04 in april.

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Lubuntu 20.04 LTS being a LTS release has two kernel stacks to choose from.

If you’re using the GA kernel stack; Lubuntu 20.04 LTS will use the 5.4 stable kernel stack.

If you’re using the HWE kernel stack; Lubuntu 20.04 LTS will use the 5.13 kernel stack at 20.04.4 (it used 5.8 at 20.04.2, 5.11 at 20.04.3 and will use 5.15 at 20.04.5).

Refer Kernel/LTSEnablementStack - Ubuntu Wiki for more details, and note whilst Ubuntu 20.04 LTS supports some OEM kernel options, they need to be installed manually with Lubuntu as we don’t provide them on our ISOs.

What media you used to install your system sets the default with Lubuntu releases. If you used 20.04 or 20.04.1 media; your system defaulted to using the GA kernel stack; if you used 20.04.2 or later media (ie. 20.04.3, 20.04.4 etc) your system defaults to using the HWE kernel stack.

You can have both GA & HWE on your system, and select which you’ll use for a session at boot time (using grub), however 3rd party (closed-source) video drivers often prevent this; but those will have been added by you as a default Lubuntu system only uses open-source drivers thus both GA & HWE can co-exist.

Yes Lubuntu 20.04.4 LTS will use 5.13 kernel if you’re using the HWE kernel stack, but not if you’re using the GA or OEM kernel stack(s).

FYI: Lubuntu has the same default as other Ubuntu flavors, which differs to Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS; flavors still follow the pattern of prior LTS releases such as 14.04, 16.04, 18.04; so if you read the wiki page I provided - we’ll (as in Lubuntu and flavors) match 18.04

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All right with you ?
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Only testing apply an optimized kernel over 20.04.3 in an Virtual Box machine.
Optimizations not doing problems is welcome :slight_smile:

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