Lubuntu 20.04.3 not login if happen changes in date hour

The installation had used the moth 07-21 , but after the OS was restarted and using another OS was changed the date RTC hour.
That happen some times being 2 times had breaked the Lubuntu login not being possible login.
The LXQT login screen is displayed , but not login even using correct name.
I has used 20.04 and 21.04 and not happen issues if the date or hour is changed for a previous date.
Another detail is extracting manually some softwares in opt not is possible run and is displayed message about not being allowed run being how something was change in 20.04.3 security and when machine enter in stand by when power on Lubuntu not return and only is displayed a black screen need to reset the machine. Both details not happen in 21.04.

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