Lubuntu LTS encryption will not boot up after Upgrade


Can you please add in more details? What part of the boot process are you getting stuck on?

Can you enter the encryption key to unlock the drive?

If that works, where does it get suck?

I’ve moved this to Offtopic as we don’t support Lubuntu 20.04 LTS any longer.

Refer or on this site Lubuntu 20.04 LTS is End of Life

ps: If your system still reports as 20.04.3 then you’re well behind on applying security fixes. You can look here for the release of 20.04.6 but installed systems upgraded to it before that date as that date/link relates to the subsequent ISO release date. There is no flavors (like Lubuntu) mentioned in that release, as all flavors were EOL before 20.04.6 was required, but installed systems still upgraded to it. A system reporting as 20.04.3 would imply you’ve not upgraded your system since February 2022 or before so I hope you keep the system offline.

My Problem starts very early on. The HP Desktop is Product No
NOD96EA#ABU. The machine is turned off. I press the button to turn it on. The green light on the dvd drive comes on for about 2 seconds as does a small light below the on/off button. There is a low level hum from the machine, but nothing else. I have started the machine with the Lubuntu Disc in the drive. There is a few noises from the drive as if it is checking the disc and then the green light goes off and nothing else. I have left the machine on in both cases for more than a quarter of an hour and nothing happens. Could this be a hardware failure of the machine and nothing to do with Lubuntu update? Is there someway of confirming this?

The disc I have is the 20.04.3 The machine is used by my wife. When an update or upgrade is offered she accepts it, no record kept. Will the fact that it has been moved mean I will not get any help?

The EOL notices said rather clearly

This means that after that date there will be no further security updates or bugfixes released for your Lubuntu packages. We highly recommend that you upgrade to Lubuntu 22.04 LTS as soon as possible if you are still running Lubuntu 20.04.

You’ll find much of the Ubuntu flavor support will just move on to questions about supported products rather than providing support for an EOL product, but that won’t apply to everyone.

If you look at you’ll note 20.04 still appears, it highlights I feel rather clearly, that Lubuntu team support has ended, however Ubuntu Community support still exists for 20.04, thus some sites still allow questions for those that choose to answer.

I moved your question to off-topic, as to me that is what the question is; you’re asking for help on a product we haven’t supported for some months. If I wanted to close the question (bad language, rude etc) I’d have considered that, to me it was just off-topic - thus the move. People are still free to answer if they wish.

The packages on your system from the ‘main’ repository get upgrades/security-fixes for five years, thus until 2025-April; and if someone files bugs on packages from other repositories (such as ‘universe’ where flavors like Lubuntu keep packages), they are open for MOTU or CoreDevs to fix if they wish; there is just no guarantee that will occur as flavor teams have moved to later releases for their time/support (we don’t have an abundance of spare time)

FYI: I personally view your question as being about Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and you’re using the LXQt desktop instead of GNOME, as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is still a supported system, you’re just using a desktop that no longer comes with any guarantee’s as it without team support now due to EOL

real easy question: when you turn it on, do you get anything at all displayed on the screen? Also, do the keyb lights flash on for a second, and can the caps lock button light turn on when you press the caps lock key?

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Have had the machine checked out and determined that there is a motherboard failure. Have moved hard disk to another machine and have it working will upgrade to latest Lubuntu.
Thank you all for trying to help.
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Green light from the dvd drive but the machine is still on?
Can you boot lubuntu from a USB?

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