Lubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Released!

You can find the full release announcement on our blog post . Please use this thread to discuss anything related to the release; new support requests should go to our Support category.


Congrats all!

Now to get off my butt and finally migrate to 20.04…


You and me both, my friend. I keep proclaiming my excitement for dropping LXDE but I keep using it. If it were a simple upgrade, I’d just do it. I’m half tempted to go for the unsupported route just for fun and out of sheer laziness.


I too have been tempted to just try the upgrade route, 'cause I’m awfully comfy with what I have.

But… I’ve been using 20.04 in a VM quite a bit. I can make it a true dark theme. I can adjust to the LXQt. I can even make a dock with it, so I’ll manage.

It’s just finding a block of time. I figure it’ll take six hours to convert my two main Lubuntu boxes.


Congrats guys/gals!

Hope to keep using Lubuntu for as long as I can. :wink:


Loaded 20.04 in October 2020 and used it for a few weeks. Left it alone for 4 months and when I rebooted was prompted to complete a Full Upgrade. I keep trying to do the full upgrade using the upgrade app and it tells me that full upgrade was done with some errors. This has happened several times. I understood that upgrading to 20.04.2 could be achieved using the upgrade app in 20.04. Can you tell me if I’m missing anything obvious? Thanks in advance.

Hi; I have tried to update my 20.04 multiple times using the update prompt that shows when I open. I try to do this but get this dialog box: “Full Upgrade error 31 of 115 upgrades complete.” Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong? I understand that accepting the upgrades will update my 20.04 to 20.04.2