Lubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Released!

You can find the full release announcement on our blog post . Please use this thread to discuss anything related to the release; new support requests should go to our Support category.


You guys are awesome!



the download page for 20.04.1 ( has the link for md5sums. on clicking the link, it opens up another page showing the md5sum which is for 20.04 and not 20.04.1.
could you please correct that?
thank you

Thank you for the message. I have updated the link on the downloads page to point to the SHA256sums, which is current and probably a better check.


Hello everybody,
I am here to express my deep satisfaction and gratitude. Lubuntu 20.04 works the way you want it to in order to survive the constant battle of daily professional office work with text files, office applications and research work. Of course you have to work with LXQt a bit (obviously some judge before they do in so called reviews).

If I can make a wish:

  • The impressive new logo that can be seen below the Lenovo laptop logo when booting into the upcoming Lubuntu 20.10, would also be great for 20.04!
  • The problem with newer Epson all-in-one devices on Ubuntu still seems to exist. SX435 runs great, XP-7100 does not scan. But I am sure this will be solved soon.

The new groovy logo you speak of is available for focal via PPA, it was put there so the team could test it easily.

I’ll provide the phab page as reference, but I’ve not used it in a long time, so I can’t speak to its now being identical to what we’re seeing on groovy (it works for sure, I saw it boot on the machine to my left running Lubuntu 20.04.1)