Lubuntu 19.10 - Repositories not working

When I try to update or install any software using Discover I get a message saying:

The repository ‘ eoan-security Release’ no longer has a Release file.

Similar message for ‘’, this means this version won’t work at all or there’s a way to ‘fix’ this. I understand I have to upgrade since this version is EOL, but just curious if I could keep using this version.

Because Lubuntu 19.10 is end-of-life or EOL.

Once a release goes EOL, software repositories are moved to old-releases. There is no set date on which this occurs, except it occurs after the release is officially recorded as EOL (impacting main Ubuntu and all flavors at the same time).

We don’t support Lubuntu 19.10 because it’s EOL.

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The fast, easy and recommended way is to download the desired version from and make a clean install.

Eventually the 20.04 version is found, when you do a sudo do-release-upgrade from the terminal.