Lubuntu 18.04, No sound, no HDMI

I found no sound, no HDMI in my fresh Lubuntu 18.04 installation.

Sound and HDMI output used to be the headaches every time when I freshly install Lubuntu, is there any general procedures to remedy the situation? (My laptop’s sound and HDMI output are fine – they work out of box with Ubuntu Mate’s installation, both 17.04 and 18.04, and I got them both in Lubuntu 19.04, BTW)

I’ve always found pavucontrol (pulse audio volume control) my goto-fix for sound issues. Have you gone to the “Output Devices” tab and seen if you can switch to your desired device, or if you get no sound, going to the last “Configuration” tab and ensure you have a profile on (and not sound turned off).

If you discover you are using ‘Dummy’ output (thus sound cannot work), providing the output of sudo lshw -C sound (list-hardware of class=sound) may allow us to help more.

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Why bother with 18.04 if 19.04 does the trick? LXDE is Lubuntu’s past (and is, for all intents and purposes, unmaintained) and support for it expires soon. LXQt is the future and a promising one at that. pavucontrol-qt comes standard. Look in “Sound & Video.”

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Yep, that solved the problem, eventually.
Thanks a lot, Chris!

Yep, I love the new LXQt so much that I almost wanted to give up my 18.04, but I can’t for many reasons.

Is the new LXQt available in Lubuntu 18.04 as well? Same version?
I tried but can’t find it myself.

It appears that in Lubuntu 18.04 the package is, of ver0.94,

but in Lubuntu 19.04 the package is, of unknown version.

That’s the best I can find by myself.
Please comment. thx.

There is the lxqt metapackage in Bionic, but I can’t really tell you it’s going to work particularly well and it’s not going to have all the applications, so that’s another thing. That said, it should get you kind-of there.