Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic How enable NumLock ON when starting?

Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic 32 bits.
How configure to NumLock ON when starting Lubuntu ?
In 20.04 Focal is simple configure NumLock On, but in Bionic I not see how enable NumLock.

thanks for reply.

Weird I thought there was a way to do this with setxkbmap but I guess not. Install numlockx and add numlockx on to autostart.


EDIT: This reference only considers releases after 18.04. My bad. Google is your friend.

For reference, there’s a page from the Lubuntu manual that covers Autostart:

If you scroll down the page, you should find it. :wink:

My autostart is /usr/bin/numlockx just added as an autostarted application.

Good point, but not applicable to 18.04. Luckily, pretty soon 18.04 will no longer be supported by the Lubuntu Team and we can forget about such distinctions XD

@wxl and random guy.

working. THANKS !

“Luckily, pretty soon 18.04 will no longer be supported by the Lubuntu Team and we can forget about such distinctions”

forum support for 18.04 will continue ?

thanks very much for your reply.

Not from Lubuntu, no. The 18.04 packages will still be in Ubuntu archives, so you can consult with the Ubuntu community, but they likely won’t have much experience with Lubuntu, so you’ll have minimal success. It would be wise to move to 20.04 for more reasons than just that.

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CPU is 32 bits not is possible use new versions.

Then you should either get a new computer or move to Debian, honestly.

the machine is only for text and internet.
thanks very much for your reply :slight_smile:

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Yes, but in only a couple years when Ubuntu drops it altogether, you’ll have zero updates, including security updates. And you will zero support, either. No one will bother to answer your support requests. I wouldn’t recommend connecting any device to the Internet without security updates.

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