Lubuntu 18.04.5 Released!

You can find the full release announcement on our blog post . Please use this thread to discuss anything related to the release; new support requests should go to our Support category.


Hi, can someone explain the Release Cycle graphic shown on the Downloads page?

I thought Lubuntu had 3 years of support, but that graphic shows 2 more years of Community Support.

Which is wonderful news if I can continue using my beloved Lubuntu 18.04 into 2023!

I’ve tried to explain it via

It’s mostly my opinion (somewhat detail on how I react in support situations in the post-flavor EOL days using askubu as example), but there is also an opinion by another Ubuntu member found there too.

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Also, hasn’t the .5 release been out for at least a couple of days.

lsb_release -a as been outputting Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS for at least a couple of days, as I checked it while answering an AskUbuntu question.

Thanks! That’s pretty much what I suspected. Major packages in the main repos will be supported because Ubuntu 18.04 is. Flavor-specific packages, not. Works for me. Appreciate the info.

The ISO (which is the official release) was only released hours ago …

The end of the Ubuntu Fridge announcement on the 18.04.5 is

Originally posted to the ubuntu-announce mailing list on Thu Aug 13 19:47:06 UTC 2020 by Brian Murray, on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team

That time is the official date/time of release for Ubuntu (at least to Ubuntu News team), which is the mailing list post. It’s sometime after the release was announced or broadcast on IRC (so flavors like Lubuntu can be earlier, but around the same time). Lubuntu’s official release notice is what Dan has linked to in the initial post in this thread.

Yes existing installs upgraded to it before the official release (which I tend to think of as being the ISO release), but officially 18.04.5 is new.

I won’t provide link to the fridge (it’s still waiting for a 2nd before publish) and requires permission to read (then it’ll become public). I can add it when it’s approved


That makes sense. I wasn’t sure if I was finally losing my mental faculties or if something else was afoot. I’d noticed the .5 at least a day or two ago.

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