Lubuntu 18.04.3 File Server Software

Which is the better choice for a file server, Samba or NFS?
Can you have both installed to try? or do you have to have just one (1) installed?

Which is best is determined by your use case.

For some old NAS boxes I use SaMBa because for a couple it’s all they know about, others I just didn’t both setting up NFS. On my servers I really only use NFS (faster I believe & I prefer it)

Yes you can use both, my [home] primary servers do actually have samba shares enabled too, however with more limited & read-only access.

Samba is easier to use if you also use windows or non-*nix devices too (or some linux-inside but limited media players etc)

Good morning, and thank you for your reply.
I will give NFS a try, because I am having issues w/ SaMBa. I have followed the config. instructions to the “Tee” and when I hit the share folder from a WINDOWS machine it wants a user name and password which is fine… But when I input the info, it just rejects it.
I’m not sure if I’m typing the user name part right. This is what I’m using:
Is this correct, or should I be using some LINUX format?

I have no problems using my PUBLIC share, because it is open share. (anonymous) access.

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