Long click as right click and gesture for zooming works on Chromium but not on Lubuntu

I connected my USB touch screens, which is made from ILITEK and ACDC, on Lubuntu 22.04.
Both of them, if I do the long click (holding the touch for 3~4 seconds) then the menu appears like I do the right click with the mouse while I am using Chromium.
But it doesn’t show the menu when I do the same thing on the Desktop of Lubuntu.
Also, spreading and pinching out multi-point gestures work on Chromium but not on the Desktop of Lubuntu.

What will be the problem?
I checked the Keyboard and Mouse Settings.
And the screens are not set for Mouse and Touchpad.
I guess they are performing with TouchScreen kernel drivers.


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Thanks for introducing awesome tool for Lubuntu !

One more question, is Chromium internally includes the gesture by Wayland?
As I search some information, Chromium is designed with Wayland base, so it allows the gestures.
Do I understand precisely?

Put in ridiculously simple and somewhat misleading terms, Wayland is an newish alternative to X. In that sense, it’s a core component of what’s considered your OS, or at least the GUI part of it. Long story short, this has nothing to do with Chromium although Chromium can work with it.

Chromium does use the Blink browser engine, which is a fork of WebKit. That starts with a “W,” so maybe that’s what you’re thinking. Even then, all it manages is rendering the code of the web page you’re viewing, so it has nothing to do with input, and thus, nothing to do with gestures.

That said, Chromium does have a component that manages input. I think this is called Aura, but I’m not sure. I don’t claim to be a Chromium developer. If you want to know more about that, I’d check with those folks.


Thanks for your explanation.