Lock screen - Any plans to improve or change it?

Is there any plans to improve the lockscreen? Lubuntu is very easy on the eye. The lock screen however, looks fresh out of 1997. I get it’s not the most important thing in the world, so fair enough if not.

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The lock (or xscreensaver) program used by default Lubuntu is very security targeted. As you can read here.

Replacing it is not very complicated, but a bit against the nature of using Lubuntu out of the box, as-is, in its supported way. You are on your own there. It implies a few choices you have to make with other software components at the base of the system, but it is not complicated.

For now, I do not have the time to get you up and running with this. Maybe at a later time.

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its very easy, but you’ll have to change your display manager too to lightdm. This worked fine with lubuntu amongst other lxqt distro’s:.

in qterminal

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install lightdm light-locker slick-greeter

choose lightdm, not sddm when prompted

reboot, start - preferences – lqxt settings – session settings - autostart, and take the tick out of the box for xscreensaver, then close. Logout then back in.

to change the background of the login window, its start – preferences – login window, then choose your image from whatever location (choose something from /usr/share/backgounds or wallpapers or where your images for wallpaper are kept, not from your home drive as it won’t show).

No more xscreensaver, which always reminds me of a lock screen from the 90’s.

Lubuntu uses xscreensaver as it performs screensaver & lock functions, and does it rather lightly (as in isn’t wasteful on resources)

Every cycle or two someone asks on this site, on IRC, UF, AU or elsewhere on getting rid of the flame picture etc… which is something frowned upon by the creator & maintainer of the xscreensaver program. We’re free to use it, but not change their logo or the appearance of the app - so we don’t.

Maybe useful is other threads on this site, such as Replace xscreensaver, but if you look there are numerous.

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