Labwc Lubuntu future?

Is labwc an option for Lubuntu wayland future?

Sorry, im just a Lubuntu user, i dont know the difference even between a window manager and compositor, but i read somewhere its both?
And i read its Openbox like, hence the question.

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LXQt appears to slowly be working up toward Wayland support, but it’s been taking a while, in part due to Wayland’s lack of features that X has. You can read the (extremely long) discussion here: Wayland support · Issue #10 · lxqt/lxqt · GitHub

Looking at that bug report, the current hope appears to be that LXQt will start to support wlroots-based Wayland compositors, such as labwc, Sway, and Wayfire. There appears to be a small amount of preliminary Wayland support appearing in the most recent versions of the LXQt components.

At the moment, Wayland support isn’t anything Lubuntu can add since LXQt doesn’t fully support it - however as LXQt begins adopting Wayland+wlroots support (hopefully), we may start looking into Wayland compositors to use for a Lubuntu Wayland session. We’ll keep labwc in mind as a possible option for this. Thanks!