Kernel 6.2 boot problem on intel atom

Please note, those who are using lubuntu 23.04 or later might be unable to boot their intel atom pc due to a bug related to intel isp.

This will also affect 22.04 in the future.

If you have problems with kernel 6.2 not booting on an intel atom or similar, please note down below.

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FYI: You can always opt to use the GA kernel stack on LTS releases.

LTS users have a choice of kernel stack, with both stacks being able to co-exist on a new Lubuntu install .

(I recall writing messages about old IBM Thinkpads with early pentium Ms that didn’t like the 5.4 kernel in 18.04 LTS long ago, using the GA kernel stack however was the easy fix/workaround)


Other distros have this problem. I couldn’t boot openSUSE Tumbleweed, and other people also report the same problem with Archlinux. Even a surface pro 3 does not boot according to online reports.

I did not experience this with fedora. People say that the kernel also works fine in manjaro.


If you find one system that boots (eg. Fedora) using the same kernel, you could explore differences in setup/compilation between those systems, and thus make it work on other GNU/Linux systems. I long ago used to fight with this, alas have become somewhat lazy of late (who has the time?).

I have an openSuSE tumbleweed system that hasn’t liked recent kernel upgrades (OS boots, but nvidia kernel modules won’t work so no usable GUI; no issues with default Lubuntu though as it uses only open-source code), and I’ve little interest in fixing it. I’ve been suspicious that box will have problems soon with the Fedora install; and when I do I suspect those installs will become more Lubuntu QA-test install platforms (one anyway; the other may become Debian). I’m convinced I could fix them given I have something that works (a default Lubuntu install), but it takes time & energy (also desire) to work out the actual difference between what works & what doesn’t & thus know what change needs to be made. (the box has a dying PSU, and I’ve been unable to purchase a replacement at a price I’m willing to pay, plus I no longer have need for what I originally used those installs for)