'Keep monitors attached' expected behavior

This is my expected behavior. Maybe it’s not a right vs wrong issue. But maybe more users feel like me.

In Monitor Settings, I separate a bit my two monitors. When I activate ‘Keep monitors attached’ (KMA from now on) I expect Lubuntu to actually put them together. But it doesnt. Thus there is this contradictory image:
where the option is activated but simultaneously they are clearly not attached.

Steps to reproduce:
Open Monitor Settings
Set KMA off
Open Monitor Settings again
Move monitors around. Leave them clearly separated
Set KMA on.
Expected: monitors snap together
Actual: monitors stay separated

Now if you move them they will actually snap together, but only if you move them after enabling KMA.

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Sounds like you found a bug! ubuntu-bug lxqt-config will file a report.

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Exploration of this on hp dc7700, a recent QA-install of Lubuntu 20.04 (yesterday?). I fully-upgraded box, but did not reboot.

  • Monitors were setup as I have them.
  • turn ‘Keep monitors attached’ OFF
  • black screen … (unrelated to this… 1845756)

My experience in Lubuntu 20.04 matches as @iggy found, but I’m not sure it’s a bug myself.

I think the “Keep Monitors attached” button works perfectly. The moment I made a change (to monitor positions) the two monitors snapped together as @iggy found. I believe this is the expected behavior of the programmer who created it, and I think reasonable. This is only my opinion though. @wxl

Addendum: I booted d780 (20.04) and found the same results (very different display setup; landscape+portrait). I also had the same results on my [heavily modified] primary box d960 (20.04),

So my thinking is that if you check “keep monitors attached” one of two things should happen (because that language is sadly ambiguous):

  1. When moving one of the monitors, the other one moves in tandem with the first one.
  2. The monitors snap together, which should have the immediate effect of drawing the monitors together. Any movements result in “stickiness,” e.g. once touching on the side, one monitor could be moved up and down independent of the other, but if one was moved to the side, the other would follow.

Looking at @iggy’s steps to reproduce, when “keep monitors attached” is set on with the monitors actually separated, they don’t snap together. That suggests that 2 is not the case. However, if you move the monitors at that point, the behavior seems more consistent with 1. So something isn’t right here.

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