It was a hard fight loggin here! Falkon shows but not loggin, FF ok all

It was a hard fight logging here, Thank you a Reddit -Lubuntu!!!
why not work on Falkon?

And why LaunchPad ID? what is it??? in REddit -Lubuntu I was helped, but why LaunchPad ID???
any help in the page for this surprise!!!
delete that thing of the page!
it was a hard fight the inscription here!!!
hard fight!!!

You’ll have to ask the developers of the forum software, Discourse. I should add that many folks use Discourse for forums these days, including Ubuntu itself. As you can see from the main Discourse website, the supported browsers are the latest, stable versions of:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Launchpad is kind of where all the work gets done in Ubuntu, including bug reports, team membership, mailing lists, code hosting, etc. etc. etc. If you want to participate in Ubuntu, you definitely will want an account there. It’s totally optional here.