ISO-testing Lubuntu Noble dated Nov 30

I could not create a bug report, so I publish the failure when ISO-testing here.

Toshiba Satellite C850-19W booted in UEFI mode. Tried to install using the whole drive using Swedish, get updates and encryption (on a drive that was encrypted).

It failed :frowning: “Bad main script file. Details: Main script file /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calamares/modules/unpackfs/ for python job unpackfs raised an exception.”

I could not run ‘ubuntu-bug’ after this failure. I could not even run the text screens (they were filled with SQUASHFS errors), so there is no bug report. I suspect that it fails to get updates, will try without that (but still with Swedish and encryption) …

Yes, without trying to get updates, the installer finishes as expected. After reboot the installed system booted and offered upgrading, which finished successfully. So there was ‘only’ a problem when calamares tried to upgrade.

We should either check/fix this or remove the option from Calamares “Additional Options - Download and install updates following installation”


Tested again with the current Lubuntu Noble iso file dated Dec 6 to get updates via Calamares, ticked ‘Download and install updates following installation’. This time in the same Toshiba in UEFI mode using Swedish using the whole drive but not encryption.

The installer finished successfully and the installed system works :slight_smile:


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