Is there a version of Lubuntu for Raspberry Pi/ARM CPUs?

I’m relatively new to Linux, much less Lubuntu. I was thinking about purchasing a Raspberry Pi, and not wanting to run Raspbian but rather Lubuntu which is a bit more familiar, I went to the fake page, and went to downloads. It said it had a Raspberry Pi-compatible .ISO, but it was a dead link. I can’t find anything similar on the official Lubuntu downloads section, nor the CDImage release page.
Operating under the assumption that Lubuntu .ISOs are exclusively for x86 CPUs, is there an alternative version for Lubuntu that’s compatible with ARM CPUs, and therefore Raspberry Pis? Or, is the .ISO already compatible with Raspberry Pis, and it’s about formatting the .ISO on the media used to boot Lubuntu (E.g. a USB.)

Have you read the documentation on this site about the Pi ?

Ask questions if something is unclear, or you run into problems.


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