Is there a precompiled driver for the tplink ac600 archer t2u nano?

the reason i need this is because the computer i have lubuntu installed on has no wifi connection thus why i need the adapter, and the computer i mainly use is windows, the compilation requires tools i don’t have and am not able to get, can anyone help?

Typically, USB WI-FI adapters work out of the box without any additional drivers. I don’t know that I’ve seen exception to this. Have you tried to use it?

Ok, there’s an exception, it seems. Sounds like the thing needs its own drivers and the manufacturer didn’t even provide anything.

Looks like someone has taken the effort to create a driver, which is naturally not precompiled. Maintaining an out of kernel driver is a real pain. You’ll be doing re-compiling each and every time the driver needs to be upgraded or whenever the kernel is upgraded.

Now I have no idea what you mean about not having tools you need. The installation instructions make it clear that nothing is needed that’s outside of the Ubuntu software repository. Well, except for the driver itself.

That all said, that same person that made the driver actually recommends that people instead just get an adapter built off of a Mediatek chip instead of a Realtek one because it will be plug and play. Maybe you should consider that instead?


i don’t really have the money to buy another adapter right now, would you be able to send a link to the community made driver you’re talking about?

You may want to reconsider buying a new adapter. The same person maintains a list of well-supported adapters that run as little as $5. Having something that just worked out of the box and didn’t require both compiling and recompiling would certainly mean a better use of your time and you know what they say: time is money!

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ok, what i need “gcc, make, bc, kernel-headers, build-essential, git”
and what i have “bc, git”

So you install what’s missing. Like I said, follow the instructions.

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how do i install it without internet?

Ah well, that’s a bit of a problem for sure. Plug into your router or an associate’s router.

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it’s gonna be such a pain to move my computer from my room to my router

Again, maybe worth it to spend the aforementioned $5?


yeah, it would at this point

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