Is green browser compatible?

can I install green browser in Lubuntu I think Firefox is a little demanding for this 32 bit acer 4520 laptop. Was running peppermint but one too many upgrades and it crashed. it’s flaky so if greens out of the question any suggestions for alternatives to firefox? looking for the lowest ram & cpu usage possible.


According to Wikipedia, Green Browser is not only discontinued but it’s based on Internet Explorer (ew!) which is to say, it’s Windows-only. You don’t want that.

Try falkon, as it was a candidate for the browser when we came out with the first LXQt version of Lubuntu. It was a little unstable back then, so if you’re not on 19.04, that may not be the best solution, but it’s still worth a shot.

Another possibility might be netsurf, as it’s got really low requirements but they seem to work hard at making it generally compliant with the modern web. It’s written in pure C with its own rendering engine so it’s built for speed. They claim 16MB is all the RAM you need.

If you don’t need to have all the bells and whistles of the modern web, you might try dillo.

The fact of the matter is that the modern web is incredibly demanding these days. Try shoving in as much memory as you can.

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thankyou Walter Lapchynski,. for the information. If dillo is the one that is text only I’d pass on that. Netsurf sounds good. I’m using windows 10 and the computer in question is at my parents house so I do not have immediate access to it. but is Netsurf available through the package manager or would I be going through command terminal? thank you
PS I started to update firefox the other day just after installing Lubuntu and it went on the blitz so I turned it off I guess first thing I need to do is probably go through command line and find out how maxed out I am in ram and cpu it might be impossible to install another one without deleting this one first - sounds like a dilemma any suggestions?

dillo is not text only (lynx is… w3m normally is, too, but w3m-img can support images if you run it in xterm) and it, like netsurf, are both available through the package manager.

“On the blitz” is not particularly descriptive so I’m not sure what to say but the htop command should be able to show you RAM and CPU usage and which applications are particularly taxing. You didn’t say which version of Lubuntu you were on but qps is available in the latest if you want something graphical.

on the blitz as I started to update firefox the screen went to solid white with probably estimating 25 lines running through it so I turned it off hard but it came back up fine it seemed to be ok I will not be trying to update firefox anymore on that laptop.

How did you do this update?

thankyou the bell went off this was following prompts from firefox regarding their outdate browser that’s what the problem was (not going through the proper chain of command) I already know so maybe I’ll be ok going through the package manager the right way :slight_smile:
Walter If this can be done is it possible to install Silverlight on this 32 bit piece of laptop ?

Oh, yeah, you’ll definitely want to use the package manager for Firefox.

Silverlight is a no. There used to be an open source implementation called Moonlight but it’s not developed anymore and it would be a very advanced endeavour to try to get it working.

Try Midori. I used it on my ACER Atom based netbook, and for about 75-80% of the modern sites, it worked pretty well. It is quite a small browser with small footprint and resource requirements. For about 15% of the sites there would be some rendering issues which may make it somewhat unpleasant to look at, and only about 5% of sites would make Midori crash. For my day to day use, it was pretty good.

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