Installing the Nvidia 340 driver manually.

Hi, please tell me, it is not possible to install the driver on the Nvidia gt 9600 graphics card driver 340. It is not possible to install via Additional Drivers, an error appears at the very end.
How can I put it in another way??? Please tell me, I wouldn’t ask, but I can’t find on the Internet how to install the driver now. Thanks
Installed 20.04.3 LTS (Focal Fossa),

That graphics card might not actually even be supported by Nvidia anymore.

When I look up the latest driver on their site, the only thing I see is for Windows back from 2016.

I have no clue what driver it was trying to install for your video card but given that it’s likely not receiving any firmware support even by the manufacturer, I don’t see it likely working well.

Please see the following for guidance on installing Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu (this will apply to Lubuntu as well minus the GUI-specific instructions):

If your PC has integrated graphics, I would try installing and or using the driver for that instead. Usually, the Intel stuff works pretty well. I have no clue how well AMD stuff works.

Hope this helps some. :wink:

I stand corrected… according to a related wiki page, the GT 9600 is listed as supported. I don’t know if that means the wiki page is outdated or if somehow the wrong driver is being used now.

If you were using the open source driver and it was working, that’s likely the only thing that will work. If it was not working, then you’ll likely need a different card or change OS back to Windows. Sorry.


No, I have always installed this driver. Now I can not install, when it was 20.10, everything was installed normally through Additional Drivers. If you know, please tell me how to install manually? By any other means.The Nvidia site has my driver.

Yes, please review the wiki page for installing Nvidia drivers as posted above.

Taking a look at the open source driver (nouveau) documentation, your card is listed there. I’m assuming this is what you’ve been using until you decided to try and install the Nvidia (i.e. proprietary) driver from the GUI.

Again, I have no clue what it actually tried to install on your machine (maybe post a screenshot). Nvidia themselves does not offer a driver on their own drivers page for Linux for this card. Go figure.

The open source driver is your only bet at this point based on what we can actually see from authoritative spaces. Anything else mentioned in untrustworthy/shady spaces should be doubted and suspected as being malicious.

You are free to follow the steps listed in that wiki page if you find they apply to you and your card or feel free asking elsewhere.

Best of luck! :wink:

Please note Lubuntu 20.10 was a different release and therefore a different default software stack as far as features supported and or versions being used. If you actually saw different results in this release (it was newer than 20.04) it is likely due to what it came with. I don’t know if that means the kernel it came with allowed you to install some other driver or what but since I’m not really involved with the software as much, I cannot say with certainty. I’m just a random dude on the net. :grin:

Taken form the open source driver wiki related documentation:

Be aware that this list may be outdated and incomplete. Nouveau aims to support all NVIDIA cards, but no effort is made to document which cards (and BIOSes) actually work, as this is deemed infeasible. Just try it and submit bug reports if it doesn’t work.
You can look at the feature matrix to get an idea on which features are supported for your card family.

I have been using 340 all the way to 20.04.2+full-upgrade (20.04.3?)

Instructions are here.

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Just an FYI, they’re using a 20.04 release, which is only in 64 bit. 32 bit Lubuntu is no longer supported. The last LTS Lubuntu to support 32 bit was 18.04.

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So it looks like I didn’t search well enough and in my defense, I didn’t actually think Nvidia would have 2 spots for downloading drivers… the page I found was after looking at their graphics cards and while I did get results, it only showed the latest Windows drivers. After seeing humpty’s post, I decided to do more digging and apparently there is actually a different downloads page for drivers… I looked up the same card and this page actually took me to a download page for a Linux driver.

I would review the steps listed on that download page very carefully. I believe the solution discovered by humpty will make your life easier since it seems to require installing a ppa for installing the same 340.XXX driver. The benefit (I think) is if there’s ever a new driver released for your card, it will show up there and you can update it via apt and such.

Best of luck!

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