Installing lubuntu without touching windows

Hi I have some questions about installing Lubuntu and grub.

I have windows 7 installed on disk 0.
I want to install lubuntu and grub on LINUX partition on disk2 and when I boot from disk 0, default windows bootloader should show up, not the grub
When booting from disk 2 grub should show up
Will grub affect the disk0 even if I choose disk2 for lubuntu installation?

If Windows is installed in BIOS mode (it looks like this is the case) and you install Lubuntu also in BIOS mode and you install Grub on the second disk, it should not affect your disk 0.


You haven’t mentioned which release of Lubuntu you’re trying to install, nor which ISO you’ve selected.

Lubuntu currently has 3 supported installers

  • calamares for modern releases
  • ubiquity for legacy release
  • debian installer for legacy release (alternate installer)

They have different features & selection capabilities (including boot loader options, even if most options are the same just presented differently), so you should provide specifics as to the release of Lubuntu for accurate & more useful replies.

It’s probable that you mean a modern Lubuntu with calamares, but it’s still best if you’re specific.

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I’m using 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa) which I don’t which release.
Now I’m on the partition but I can’t choose specific partitions for installing bootloader.

Here I can’t choose /sdc2 for example
It only lists master boot records.
I didn’t had problems with 18.04.5 installing on a laptop and it showed all the partitions to choose for bootloader.
I also flashed the iso with dd method.
Can you help me with that?

Boot loaders belong on the MBR or master boot record for a drive.

There are no MBR’s on partitions; if you write to a partition you’ll be overwriting data on the partition (the first sector of the partition).

The first sector of a physical disk by convention (back to early 1980s) is reserved for the MASTER BOOT RECORD, ie. it’s related to the drive itself. It’s what PCs use to boot.

The first sector of a partition will not be the first sector of the drive, but a subsequent sector intended for data (be it user data, or file-system or other meta-data).

It’s preventing data-loss by not allowing you to write to a partition (as that could occur - it’s invalid); and it’s only a sign of better validation of user-choices (preventing users from making wrong/bad and potentially destructive choices).

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