Installing lubuntu software center issue

Hi all,
first of all, thanks for all those contributing to lubuntu.
I just started with it, and it really looks great!.

I’m used to ubuntu and its software center, but I read that lubuntu is creating its own one, so I went for it.

Can any point me in the right direction to report incidents? not sure if this forum is the right location.

I’m not sure what you read, but Lubuntu provides tools from upstream.

In the manual page of the current stable release (23.04) you’ll find covered -

Discover is just Plasma Discover, as KDE uses the same Qt5 libs as LXQt uses, thus is a far better fit than the GTK tools used by Ubuntu Desktop.

muon likewise is the Qt5 equivalent of synaptic on a GTK environment, another tool we didn’t create as it too comes from upstream.

FYI: Both Kubuntu & Ubuntu Studio use those same apps, as both use Qt5 desktops.

I’ll provide a link to our bugs page on our wiki for this

but yes this forum/discourse would be an appropriate place, and the bug report will be created from details posted here.