Installed lubuntu 19.04 and now I can't connect to the internet using wifi


I have installed ubuntu 19.04 and now I can’t connect to the internet using wifi. I can connect to the internet using tethering on my phone and a usb cord, but now I would like to install the realtek drivers to get wifi working correctly. Can someone please help with this? Instructions?

Open a terminal, type lspci and press enter

Look and see what it says for network controller that should tell you what type of network card you have in the computer.

link to instructions:

How I found out what wireless card I have:

I am using a PCI internal wireless adapter so that is what I looked up, but you can look up the information on the wireless method you are using by following the tutorial in the link.

Yeah, so open a terminal and type this:

lspci -nnk | pastebinit

and hit Enter. You will get a URL at back. Copy and paste that here and we’ll go from there.

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