Installed gnome-screenshot but it behaves very differently

Installed gnome-screenshot so that I get a pop-up (when CTRL-PrntScrn key-combination is pressed) that offers to capture entire screen, a window or a selectable rectangular region. However, I found the following unexpected behaviour:

  • No menu integration, i.e. gnome-screenshot doesn’t appear in the menus
  • Is not invoked by the key-press CTRL-PrntScreen
  • It can be launched from commandline, but it does not show the pop-up window (that I do see on a Ubuntu MATE VM I use from time to time), that offers to pick between entire screen, window or region to take snapshot of. It does however make the camera-snap sound and captures entire screen.

How can I get the full functionality and with menu integration ? Why is it not set up automatically ?


My bad, as I ignored to check the man-page of gnome-screenshot. Found out from this AskUbuntu Q&A that I needed to pass the -i command line option to get the interactive popup.

As for the hotkey invocation, I think I’d need to use LXHotkey

As for menu integration, I’d need to create .desktop file.

With those, I think I should be done.

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