Installed 24.04 - lost grub menu

I just installed 24.04 on 2 older dual boot machines,
the first install on an EFI machine went beautifully with no problems.
But the second legacy BIOS machine I no longer have a grub menu on boot, the partitions appear to still be there as before
Before I start trying different fixes found on the web and screwing things up does anybody have the preferred way to fix this?
Thanks everybody for 24.04.

You can edit /etc/default/grub like so:


To be clear, that means you’re placing a # before the first line and you’re changing the timeout from 0 to 5.

This has the effect of not hiding grub (the first line) and making the autoboot timeout five seconds.

Then run sudo update-grub.


Thank you so much wxl, that fixed it!

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Whilst I don’t know your situation exactly (as partitions used do matter), there were cases in multi-boot setups where a dual boot system is not correctly detected during a re-install, thus the GRUB is installed as if a single-boot system (grub does not appear).

I’ll provide a link to that issue here now - Bug #2060624 “lubuntu/xubuntu reinstall (& install) on dual boot...” : Bugs : grub2 package : Ubuntu

This isn’t Lubuntu specific; as it appears on 24.04 ISOs using calamares and ubuntu-desktop-installer too (ie. all 24.04 Desktop systems).

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