Install Cisco packet Tracer 7.2 on lubuntu

Hi everyone…I’m trying to install packet tracer on lubuntu,but fail…please someone to help me

Please i’m waiting… please help me

You haven’t said what release of Lubuntu you are using, there are questions on this topic on AskUbuntu (which highlight it requires which isn’t a package available for supported releases of Lubuntu as it’s an outdated package. Have you tried searching the web for answers (I saw many), or other support sites like askubuntu (it was asked & answered for Ubuntu 19.04 so it’s identical for Lubuntu 19.04).

Without specifics (release, fail how?, error messages and commands that get error messages) we can’t provide much help anyway. If you’re in a hurry I’d use already answered questions on other Ubuntu support options (which work for Lubuntu too -

I think you’re also unlikely to find someone who wants to bother with enrolling on their website just to get a download. You really should be asking Cisco for support.

If you are doing some Cisco cert, they’ll probably force you to use it unless you want to read between the lines and use the go to (GUI— tcpdump has a high degree usage in terminal) packet sniffer in Linux, Wireshark.

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If this guide does not work, you should share the error messages. Otherwise it is really hard to help you.

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