Install 20.04 on an Intel machine

If I am installing 20.04 on my very old Macbook with an Intel processor, do I still use the iso image that has “amd” in the filename?

Intel created a new IA64 bit architecture for people moving from x86 (32-bit) to 64-bit, however it was not backwards compatible (so people couldn’t use old software & had to start again with new everything)

AMD created the backwards compatible amd64 (or x86_64) which would run older x86 (32-bit) applications, so it became the standard in the marketplace; it sold.

Intel eventually abandoned their IA64 and make amd64 compatible CPUs as that’s what sells.

Yes your intel cpu is amd64; no apple product every used intel’s IA64, as apple still used ppc cpus back when intel’s own IA64 was being sold.


OK, cool. Thank you!