I'm out, but it doesn't work?

After the latest discussions here, I’ve decided that this is not my environment. I’ll leave it to the super-hyper smart developers and computer scientists instead.

Receiving several e-mails, I decided to stop and opt-out.
But answering those e-mails led nowhere. They apparently land at the “noreply” address. Great!

Surfing “discourse.lubuntu.me” brought no solution.

No Impressum.
No possibily to contact the site administrator.
No option to disable my account.
In short: nothing.

No way of contacting someone responsible. Everything is veiled in a shroud of anonymity,
I.do not see this as conformant with current regulations, but perhaps this site is hosted in Ouagadougou?

So here’s my plea to the site admin:
Please delete my account.
This public way is unfortunately the only one possible, I would have preferred it to be different.

Thank You.

The Lubuntu Council oversees all of the Lubuntu infrastructure and you know how to contact them, but haven’t. And even if you want to go public perhaps the #site-feedback or #site-feedback:discourse-support categories might be more reasonable.

Your complaints are not ridiculous but this setup is part of the Discourse platform. You can look at various other instances and you’ll find they are no different— including a national financial institution.

I will say, though, that there is an About page that probably would have got you what you were looking for.

You can find out where the site is hosted with whois.

Anyways, deleting accounts is kind of a problem because if you disappear, all of your posts disappear with it. Some of them have been quite useful to others and without them, things will seem really strange. The GDPR-friendly solution here is to anonymize you. Essentially we remove any amount of your fingerprint or identity from the account (i.e. your personal data) and you become something like user3847623876. Your posts remain. That work for you?

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OK, my final login.

Wrong! I don’t.
How about if you ask the users here: "how would you contact the “Lubuntu Council? Do you even know what it is?”
Perhaps you should try logging in as a user instead of supervisor? Then you’ll see what’s there, and especially what’s NOT.

No Impressum.
No possibily to contact the site administrator.
No option to disable my account.

You can rename my account to “Donald Duck”, but that might create copyright problems. Call it whatever you want.

Just delete/disable it.