If Your monitor turn off blank after 10 minutes - solution

I had a problem with my old monitor turn off blank after 10 minutes, no matter how I configure xscreensaver.
The solution I found, is that you must add this line at the end of the ./profile file in your /home directory:

# Turn off screen blanking

xset s off && xset -dpms

Then restart. After this Your monitor will stop blank after 10 minutes.
(Do not add this line to autostart - it will not work, it work only if you put it in ./profile file in /home directory)


I believe you mean .profile, or ~/.profile if you will.

The period (a dot file) ahead of the filename means that it is invisible unless the user has opted to show hidden files.

The ./ would just mean ‘whatever directory you’re in’.


Though, now that I think of it, it might work if the file is visible. I’ve never tried that. But, yeah, .profile is hidden by default.