Icons "Hijacked"?

I am the developer of Indicator Stardate
Application Indicators for Ubuntu & variants : Bernmeister

When I install my indicator to both Lubuntu 20.04 and 22.04, the SVG icon included in the package is not what I see in the system/icon tray. Instead, I see a variation of the icon which has a background circle (whereas the icon from my indicator package contains no background circle). Where my icon does look correct is in for example /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/indicator-stardate.svg

I have traced the icon (with background circle) to the /usr/share/icons/Papirus directories and is called indicator-stardate.svg. I cannot figure out how/where this icon came to be and how it has the same name as my indicator.

I logged an issue
Name of Star Trek icon · Issue #3327 · PapirusDevelopmentTeam/papirus-icon-theme · GitHub
to find out the name of the icon but have had no response as yet.

If you could help me get to the bottom of this please, I’d much appreciate it. I have several other indicators with their own icons and all have installed correctly with none of the strangeness which I’ve described here.

Thanks in advance,


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It sounds like the Papirus theme is overriding your icons. Lubuntu uses ePapirus for its icons by default. Papirus is basically a massive set of icons for a bunch of different apps, made in SVG so that they work right when scaled. I’m guessing the Papirus devs probably found or were told about your software and made an icon for it in their theme.

I would suggest two things:

  1. To get your own icon working, the easiest solution is probably to just overwrite the /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/indicator-stardate.svg file with your SVG file. You may need to log out and log back in (or maybe even reboot) for the changes to take effect.
  2. The Papirus README.md states “If you are a trademark holder or application owner for one of these applications and disapprove of the icons we’ve created for your application, please submit an issue to this repository.” Sounds like you’ve already done that, so follow up with them and you’ll hopefully (I would guess almost certainly) be able to get the odd circle fixed. Maybe even submit a pull request with the proper icon, that would make things really easy on them. I don’t know exactly how to best contribute to Papirus, but one assumes it shouldn’t be too hard.

Without searching, I would say that the Star Trek symbol is probably already trade marked.

It’s definitely a part of the papirus-icon-theme.
Why not just change the file name ?


@ArrayBolt3 Yes, your theory makes sense. I’ve since discovered that icons from three other indicators I’ve written (Fortune, Lunar and VirtualBox™) are also replaced. I think in the spirit of acknowledgement, just replacing the icons for an application is bad form.

What I’m unsure about also (and perhaps I need a new issue for this) is why the Papirus icons are pulled in at all. My understanding is that the current icon theme is determined by a call to Gtk.Settings().get_default().get_property( “gtk-icon-theme-name” ) and in my case, default installation of Lubuntu, the result is Yaru. Note I don’t set the icon to be displayed by filename; rather I set the basename of the file (say indicator-stardate) and the underlying mechanism determines the correct theme and then finds the file matching within /usr/share/icons/[current theme].

As a matter of sanity, I have a test indicator which makes other calls to determine icon/theme settings and I get the following (from calls via the terminal):

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme

I have icons for all my indicators for both Yaru and Adwaita and can see them in those directories. Yet, those icons are not pulled in and somehow the Paprius icon (or Paprius-Dark/Papirus-Light) is pulled in instead, which is a mystery to me. I’ve released my indicators on a variety of Ubuntu variants and the icons theme (to my knowledge) matches up with the Gtk.Settings() call.

So aside from the “hijacking” of my icons, why is a Papirus* icon pulled in where I can see no mention of this icon theme from the usual calls to interrogate the system?

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@humpty My stardate indicator has been around for ten years, give or take and this is the first I’ve seen in which some other project has done something like this. Rather than change the file name, I could instead create a duplicate of the icon and give it another name for Lubuntu. However, I think the ball is really in the court of the Papirus developers first…see if they respond. I did a search (using the top-left search tool) on the Papirus Github repository and found no mention of “indicator-stardate” nor even just “stardate”.

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Just to make sure, did you tick
set GTK themes (GTK configuration files will be overwritten!)
in LXQt Apperarence ?

If not, gsettings doesn’t get updated and just retains old data.

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Looking at “LXQt Appearance Configuration”…

Under “Widget Style”, I see the checkbox for “Set GTK themes” and it IS checked (by default I guess as I didn’t check it). The GTK2/GTK3 theme is “Arc-Darker”.

Under “Icons Theme”, “ePapirus” is selected which now makes a whole lot of sense as to why the Papirus icon is selected.

I don’t see “Yaru” nor “Adwaita” selected under any section.

Question: Is there an LXQt correct manner to ask “what icon theme should I use” via the terminal (or other non-GUI way)?

Bonus Question: Unrelated, I’m not getting any notification of updates to this thread despite setting the notification option to “Watching”…“You will receive notifications because you are watching this topic.” Any ideas on that one please?

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