Icon is not shown at Task manager and System Tray on apps installed with snap

Hello everyone.

Every app installed with snap comes without icons on Task manager and System Tray.

Se the picture bellow with Spotify and Discord. Both without icons.

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What Qt Style are you using? ; and for many of us telegram-desktop is installed as a snap package and I see what looks like a icon for that; I know I have one on my system. Are you using the snap package of telegram-desktop or deb packaged version? Thanks.

My Qt Style is Breeze.

My telegram is the bin you can download from the official telegram page. It comes inside a zipped folder when you click on “Get telegram for linux” on the page.

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I have seen Snap application icons not appear until after a reboot. I don’t suppose that’s all that needs to be done?


That’s a good point. Logging out and getting back in also might do the trick. Reboot sounds more reliable though.

@edcaron have you tried rebooting after install for these snap apps?


Its been like this since the day I installed. Many reboots later and still does not work


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