I wanted a 14.04 iso,,, it's not available

I went to search for the iso for 14.04 , but I see that it is no longer available.

I was hoping to put it on some toy computers, just to see them load. The oldest version I have is 16.04…

Does anyone have a way to acquire the iso???

Ubuntu old-releases can be found at http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/ (without the flavors like Lubuntu though sorry).

By changing the sources to point to old-releases; you could remove ubuntu-desktop, then add lubuntu-desktop to create a similar experience but I would keep it off the interweb

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But only back to 16.04.
Why do you want something so old, it is probably full of security holes.

Why not use something like Debian that has support for old stuff? :slight_smile:

Yes try here :

I also have a cd for lubuntu 14.04 that I will try and upload to archive.org - or anywhere that you might have accessible space (obviously it can’t be emailed)

Says its uploaded


Lubuntu, like most other flavors, does not provide the same length of support that Ubuntu does. If someone wants to use a release that Ubuntu supports but Lubuntu no longer supports, that’s not really a big deal. At that point, Ubuntu is responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of the packages in that release, which will still apply to Lubuntu. You’re not likely to get Lubuntu-specific bug fixes, but you’ll make sure security is covered.

On the other hand, like in this case, you have a release that Ubuntu no longer supports, you’re stuck with the software in the state it was. If a security issue is uncovered, you will have no (easy) recourse to fix it. There’s no one working to ensure you are protected.

If you really must do this for some crazy reason, DO NOT CONNECT IT TO THE INTERNET.

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The crazy reason is to use old hardware that does not warrant purchase of new !! Particularly when the newer Lubuntus seem to have messed up the interface to my scanner. Interestingly enough, it did do some security updates already from Ubuntu respositories - but no need to stay on the Internet to use my scanners, so I pull the ethernet plug on that machine now or route/firewall it to my local net.

Thanks anyway

Great idea…. until you become part of a botnet.

Have you actually tried to work out this problem with the scanner? Reported a bug anywhere?

yes, I did try to work it out and trace what happened, but had no record of what modules, etc had loaded in 12.04 and no clue what had changed by 16.04 to cause scanner to disappear. Also no clue what bug to report. I read a bunch of sane and scsi docs, but several hours of doing that were fruitless in providing good troubleshooting. So I resorted to trying various live CD’s. Simple scan worked right away in Lubuntu 14.04, with no further tweaking or software. Ive scanned over 100 pages since.
No, I’m not a botnet.

Well you could start by reporting a bug against Simple Scan in 18.04:

ubuntu-bug simple-scan

You could even do it from a Live CD.

You could also try installing 18.04 and upgrading to 19.04, as the software is entirely different.

So, do I understand right, that from a security point of view, I can still use lubuntu 16.04, because ubuntu cares for security fixes until EOL of Ubuntu 16.04?

Please correct me, if I am wrong, because I still have one lubuntu 16.04 machine running, where I do not have the time (right now) to upgrade to 18.04.

You will get security fixes (and any other updates/bug fixes provided by the Ubuntu community) in 16.04 until April 2021 even though the Lubuntu team has stopped supporting it. You can get additional support if and only if you pay for Ubuntu Advantage Extended Security Maintenance which will go until April 2024. It’s important to note that you will only get security-specific updates to a small subset of packages in main and restricted. You better be sure your time is valuable because the cost for that additional 3 years of coverage is $450.

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Hi wxl and thank you for your quick reply. I hope to find the time to upgrade within the next few weeks.