I admire Lubuntu

Hello dear lubuntu community,
I have been using lubuntu 20.0.4 a few weeks and must say that It incredible system.
It’s running only 480 ram and 0,7% cpu of of box for the whole time. I was really curious what is minimal system requirements of this incredible system. I did search in the official documentation but I did not find this information. Is it possible that this system does not have any minimal requirements? I mean like we can run on 16 RAM memory, right? Could you please find minimal requirements for me? Google tell me only approxiamately and depending on my usage of the system…


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“Lubuntu with LXQt requires at least 512 MiB RAM, in practice it can be considerably more. This means that the hardware requirements are about the same as Xfce or slightly higher. Thus, LXQt, like MATE, ranks in the midfield as far as the required system resources are concerned.”

The Lubuntu team blogged in mid- 2018

… This means that Lubuntu will stay light, and for users with old systems, should still be usable. But we will no longer provide minimum system requirements and we will no longer primarily focus on older hardware.

Minimum requirements are not provided, and haven’t been for some time.

I personally QA-tested the i386 ISOs using devices with as small as 1GB of RAM (ie. into the disco or 19.04 cycle), as I still use those devices. But such users are very few.

Minimum specifications don’t mean much; I use my 2004 IBM thinkpad r50p very differently to how I use this current machine (a 2009 dell); yes this one as four cores, but most importantly it has decent RAM so I needn’t worry about what toolkits/libraries will be sharing RAM (something very necessary on my 1GB r50p).

A very light desktop is of limited benefit if it’s not sharing it’s RAM with the applications the user is running; thus LXQt performed roughly equal in my testing with LXDE on 1GB pentium M laptops where the apps were considered properly.

I stopped using MATE on the 1GB pentium M devices as it became too slow as MATE ported from GTK2 to GTK3 (about 16.04); yes it still ran fine - but was noticeably slower than Xfce or LXDE. I was noticing the same with Xfce (which ported much later than MATE) & expected the same with the switch from LXDE to LXQt with Lubuntu - but was pleasantly surprised when LXQt performed as I stated before, roughly on par (the big difference being needing to change apps as Qt5 is now lightest, and using GTK apps will just waste the lightness)

Minimum specifications don’t tell you much; unless you’re going to use it out-of-the-box without additional programs, which few of us actually do.

And thank you for your nice comment.