HP LaserJet 1320 is having trouble, occasional error

I have an HP LaserJet 1320, and have been using it with Ubuntu 16-18 for a long time. Then I installed Lubuntu 20.04, and it started glitching. What has happened is that in some LibreOffice prints, it puts out two pages with technical information. They may not be exactly the same, but they are fairly similar each time, and it reads like this:

**** Error: Tf refers to an unknown resource name: F1 Assuming it’s a font na (end of first page)

(the second page uses a smaller, more condensed font)
PCL XL error
(the rest is indented)
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalOperatorSequence
Operator: SetLineJoin
Position: 27
(end of pages)

Is this my printer, or Lubuntu, or something else? One thing to note is that simple text editor printing has never done this, and copy-pasting from a website almost always HAS done it.

PS: Technically, I installed Lubuntu environment onto Ubuntu 18.04, then I used the Ubuntu upgrader to get from 18 to 20. But there was so much duplicate software because I had already upgraded from Ubuntu 16 to 18, that I just fresh installed Lubuntu 20. The printing problem, however, occurred with both instances of Lubuntu 20. I did not think to try things in the Ubuntu 20 environment before I fresh installed.

Several questions remain:

  1. Were you using LibreOffice in previous versions to print? (18.04 and earlier versions of Lubuntu did not include it by default)
  2. Does this only affect specific documents?
  3. Can you reproduce it every time you print the same document?
  4. Do you have problems printing with any other software?
    • If not, does the problem resolve itself if you run LibreOffice by executing SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3 libreoffice in terminal?

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