How to uninstall a package that was installed with dpkg -i?

How can I uninstall a software that I installed with dpkg -i? I cannot find a package manager on Lubuntu 24.04 that would show all installed software (On Lubuntu 18.04 there is such a package manager) and neither dpkg -r nor dpkg -p works for the package I am trying to uninstall.

The package manager’s name on Lubuntu 18.04 is Synaptic if I am not mistaken. Is there a Synaptic equivalent on Lubuntu 24.04?

To my knowledge(*) there is no installed package manager with 24.04 LTS.

You can deinstall via terminal with the command
sudo apt purge <package_name>

On my system I have installed Stacer with Discover and use its uninstaller for such deinstallations.

(*) You may be interested in this discussion about a missing package manager in 24.04 LTS.


Worked with dpkg -r. Though including a package manager would be crucial in upcoming versions of Lubuntu.

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That’s quite odd: In the first post you wrote that it was not working with this command.
Do you have any idea what the reason for that could be?

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I don’t know, probably I wrote the wrong package name.


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