How to setup NordVPN?

I have lubuntu v21.10.

I am trying to set up NordVPN with it but I’m stuck.
There is a nordvpn console app that I have but it uses a web browser to login (somehow).
The command “nordvpn login” prints “Continue in the browser: https://…”.
I open the link by right clicking on the text and it opens a login page in my browser.
I successfully log in but I can’t return to the terminal.
There is a link to:
I set that to open with /usr/bin/qterminal
It opened a new terminal.
I ran “nordvpn connect” but it said:
You are not logged in.

Any ideas?

I got it to work by installing konsole.
That terminal doesn’t look very well though. :frowning:

The cursor is way in front of the text being typed:

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I haven’t used nordvpn before so I can’t say why but kudos for getting it working! :grin:

They have a FAQ page on their site that mentions steps for getting it setup which I’m thinking you’re aware of already:

Sorry I can’t give answers. Happy holidays! :partying_face:


Ya, that is how I figured out I had to use konsole.
I guessed right. :slight_smile:
Hopefully they will know why qterminal doesn’t work.
Happy holidays back at you and to everyone.


NordVPN Support responded.
There is the command nordvpn login --legacy​ which doesn’t use a web browser.
It is not compatible with MultiFactorAuthentication which I don’t use any ways.


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