How to recreate EFI partition completely and install lubuntu 18.04 32 bit


I would like to install lubuntu 18.04 32 bit on a thomson hero9 1bk32 detachable keyboard tablet computer.
Originally, I had windows 10. It was impossible for me to update, and I had bugs, slowdowns etc …
So, I did some housework. I fired windaube using Gparted from an external usb stick.
I formatted the 32 GB emcc disk (soda disk) in NTFS partition. Only, I `` cleaned ‘’ a little too much, because I fired the EFI partition by mistake. Suddenly, I no longer boot on USB key (to install Lubuntu, bootable from refusal or etcher …).
I can just go to the bios.
My thomson tablet has an SD card slot. Suddenly, I thought it was possible to redo an EFI partition and other NTFS partition to use it as a hard drive, using a 128 GB sd card (4 times larger).
I don’t know what to do anymore and how to recreate an EFI partition and install lubuntu 18.04 32 bits.
I have a message at startup “no bootable device. Hit any key”
I have an Insyde h20 rev5.0 bios

What detailed solutions do you have to offer me, please?
I’m only available on weekends, so don’t worry if I don’t get back to you right away.

Characteristics of my tablet computer:
1go welded ram type ddr3
welded hard drive type emc 32go
atom z3735g processor (64-bit compatible)
1 port USB
1 port support card SD

Thank you in advance for your help
See you soon

Can you boot off the USB port or SD port?

Hello vmclark,
With USB boot disabled, I have always the message “no bootable device. Hit any key”.
I can if you want to disabled or enable for: Fast boot, quick boot, USB boot, fast boot uefi etc…
What do you want i do ?
There is no longer an EFI partition.
In the bios menu, logo “boot from file”, I have the window “file explorer” empty, nothing displayed. No volume …
How to remake a correct EFI system etc …, please?
Another possibility, a clonezilla system image from another pc or other …
I do not know
See you soon


Toc-toc, there is someone ?
Can someone help me please ?

The 32-bit version of Ubuntu is not UEFI-ready (out of the box). I recommend you to use Lubuntu 20.04 (64-bit).

And the live-system has its own /efi directory, where the bootloader is located to boot the live system. When you install the system in UEFI mode, the installer will create an EFI system partition or show a warning.


Despite the activation of the uefi and the verification of the iso lubuntu 64 bit image file, I still cannot boot on my usb key using various applications: refusal, etcher, Lili creator made from another computer.
I still get the message “no bootable service”. I can only browse the bios.
do you have a radical solution to bring me please?
good Sunday

We need the exact name & model number of computer.


It is Thomson HERO9A-1BK32
1go ram DDR 3L
32 go Space disk Emmc
Processeur Atom z3735 1,33 GHz
8,9 pouces 1024*600
1 Space carte SD


How are you?

I do not have any help, but is this your laptop?

Yes It IS this laptop .

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