How to mount Apple Airport Time Capsule

Please Help!
I have to trying to mount my networked Apple Time Capsule, but I get the following message…
mount: /mnt/timecapsule: bad option; for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might need a /sbin/mount. helper program.
My Time Capsule is in whatever file system apple uses by default when formatting using the Airport Utility on an iPhone.

AirPort Time Capsules use (I believe) Apple’s APFS, which is a very tricky filesystem to use with anything other than Apple operating systems. There are a couple of ways of accessing data on APFS volumes, but they may or may not work and they usually only allow read-only access. If that’s all you need, you may be able to compile and use this tool:

If you need write access, you should probably resort to using a device with macOS installed, as writing to an APFS disk from Linux could possibly cause serious data corruption.

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Thanks for the reply. I do very much need write access. I’m almost positive it is not APFS. I’m like 98% sure it’s HFS+ aka Mac OS Extended. I may have even chosen exFat if given the option, but it’s been so long, I can’t remember. It’s a 3TB spinning drive and Apple really only recommends using APFS for SSDs.

There are a ton of videos online of people doing this, but it’s always a different flavor of Ubuntu and the commands never quite work. Someone must have done this for Lubuntu. I hope.

You’re probably going to hate this… but HFS+ is also not great on Linux. And exFAT works out of the box on Ubuntu, so it’s highly unlikely that it’s exFAT. Instructions for other Ubuntu flavors should work on Lubuntu, as Lubuntu is just Ubuntu with a different set of preinstalled apps, a different desktop, and some different configuration.

Regardless of whether it’s APFS or HFS+, if you need to read and write this disk on Lubuntu, you should probably format a new drive with exFAT and then transfer the data from the Time Capsule to that drive. Then you can use that on Linux. That’s at least a possible solution.


Lubuntu is a Ubuntu system, only the desktop (LXQt) really differs when compared to Ubuntu Desktop (GNOME), Xubuntu (Xfce), Ubuntu-MATE (MATE) etc…

Some differences can exist because of the age of the stack (ie. 22.04 = the 2022-April release, where will differ in many ways to 18.04 or the 2018-April stack from four years earlier, as software changes), but desktop being used doesn’t impact much else.

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Hmm. Ok. I’ve seen other people on YouTube who have gotten this to work. I’ll keep trying, but maybe until then I’ll just use my 1TB exFat drive I can plug into the USB. If anyone has some terminal commands I should try, feel free to send them to me. Thanks!

Anybody else have any specific terminal commands I should try? Surely someone else has had this same issue.

It maybe few of us use apple devices.

You do realize Lubuntu is a Ubuntu product, a community flavor built on the same Ubuntu infrastructure using a different seed file that results in different packages (ie. we use LXQt replacing the GNOME stack etc).

You can use Ubuntu support sites when using a Ubuntu flavor like Lubuntu, ie. see here, and use the wider Ubuntu community for help too.

Ok. I will try the Ubuntu support site. I’ve watched several videos on YouTube and found articles where people have gotten this to work, but it was always a different flavor of Ubuntu, so I thought maybe there was something specific to Lubuntu that I needed to try.

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