How to install my cpu driver?

So bassically i am not new to Lubuntu but i can not find a proper driver for me to work with wine,
its problem for my younger brother becouse he want to install and play games and all games and when we run the game it wont open but if it gets open somehow we can not pass 10fps now those are all old games like gta sa, vice city cs 1.6 etc. I am not the expert for laptops or smt but i think i miss a proper cpu driver i try to install it like always but nothing please help.

If you’re using an amd64 or intel CPU, then your CPU will be handled by the Linux kernel automatically.

For LTS releases, there is kernel stack choice (GA, HWE & for some hardware OEM), but you didn’t provide release details which are the starting point for what options are available to you. Changing kernel stack, means kernel modules will also change (kernel modules commonly being called drivers).

But all this relates to the Linux & thus Lubuntu stack, and won’t impact a user app (wine) running in user space except that it can change the whole machine (ie. impact won’t be just to apps running within wine).


kidna forgot about that, but here it is
so what should i do now? On other laprop, which is bassicly the same like this one,
but there everything work out of a box. So level of my confusion is astonishing

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