How to install Lubuntu desktop gui on remote Ubuntu 18.04 server

Ubuntu 18.04 server is a remote server for me. And I use Xshell in Microsoft Windows10 operation system to SSH connect to the Ubuntu 18.04 server.
But now I want to install a light-weight desktop in the remote server Ubuntu 18.04. I find that Lubuntu is using a light-weight desktop.
So how can I install Lubuntu desktop gui on remote Ubuntu 18.04 server? And then I can connect to the remote Ubuntu 18.04 server seeing the Lubuntu desktop gui, and all these operation is in my Microsoft Windows10?

A server does not have a GUI and does not need one.

but I have some software, and they need to be installed on desktop environment. I am doing data analyzing. I need those software.

For example?

The data to analyse is normally in a database or available as XML or JSON.

A software named Cytoscape. It need the GUI desktop environment. And some other Linux GUI application software,I want to use them directly in Linux environment.

Looks like this software normally runs on the client, not on the server.

If you can run this software only on the remote machine, then you should do a fresh install.

If you must use the server version, you can install the desktop package (lubuntu-desktop).


Installing lubuntu-desktop is only one step to achieve my purpose. Because the server is on the remote site. So I have to install something like xdrp in order to let me use my local Microsoft Windows 10 computer to access the desktop of the remote server, right?

There are many ways to remote desktop, including something as simple as ssh -X (wherein you can run graphical applications remotely but view them through your local X server), but if you want access to the entirety of the desktop, I’d consider something more robust. My personal recommendation is NoMachine which is admittedly proprietary but is absolutely the most reliable and feature-rich solution I have found. Heck, you can use it on a phone and it’s actually usable.

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I also use NoMachine to access my various boxes (both Linux and Windows) remotely on my LAN. It is easy to setup,deploy and maintain - fast and secure . You can use it in server and client mode on the same machine as well.

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