How to downgrade kernel 5.13 to 5.12 in Lubuntu 21.10?

I know this is a general ubuntu related question. Since I use lubuntu, I still prefer to raise the question here.

Lubuntu 21.10 is shipped with kernel 5.13. However one of my used software supports only kernel 5.12. How can I safely downgrade the kernel?

I found a post referring to Mainline GUI for Ubuntu GNU/Linux. It seems quite easy to do such job. But I can’t find it with apt or snap.

When using non-supported kernels; you take on the job of applying all security updates/fixes to the kernel yourself, which is no easy task if your box is online.

I’ll provide

I’ve only used those to install kernels for testing purposes; where we’d contrast specific kernels with the default supported kernels with regards a specific bug, then I’d uninstall the packages; I’ve not tried to live with it & manually support, nor have I used if often enough to feel confident to support others.

The following maybe what you’re looking for though - Mainline – Another Tool to Install Latest Kernel in Ubuntu / Linux Mint | UbuntuHandbook but I have no experience with it sorry.

I really and highly appreciate your detailed explanation, which helps me to understand the situation and make the decision. I will wait for that software to support the kernel 5.13.

Many thanks again.

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